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ASSIST Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training (2018)

Funded by Involving Medway, an initiative run by Medway Clinical Commissioning Group, Medway Ethnic Minority Forum organised a 2-day free ASSIST Suicide awareness and Prevention Training in January 2018. Attendees received Attendance certificates. The attendees were from diverse communities, including community leaders, grassroot volunteers, professionals, e.g. junior doctors, nurses and psychiatrists, local hospice, and from organisations working with people with mental health issues.

People who completed the training had:

  • increased awareness of the signs and symptoms of a potential suicide

  • increased confidence to intervene and prevent a suicide

  • increased knowledge of support services and how to signpost appropriately.

"The trainers were very helpful, approachable, professional, knowledgeable and engaging."

Evaluation form answers

  1. If a person’s words and /or behaviours suggest the possibility of suicide, I would ask directly if he/she is thinking about suicide. 82% 'Strongly Agree'

  2. Before taking the ASSIST training, my answer would have been 75% 'Disagree'

  3. If someone told me he or she were thinking of suicide, I would do a suicide intervention 100% 'Strongly Agree'

  4. Before taking the ASSIST training, my answer would have been 69% 'Neutral'

  5. I feel prepared to help a person at risk of suicide: 81% 'Strongly Agree'; 19% 'Agree'

  6. Before taking the ASSIST training, my answer would have been 65% 'Disagree'

“Excellent workshop. I felt my skills increased significantly, and feel confident to ask and support anyone with suicidal thoughts.”

Our sincere thanks to 2 trainers Dr Mallika Sundaram and Dr Uma Chockalingam for delivering the 2-day ASSIST workshop pro bono and for making the participants feel at ease discussing a subject which is considered a “taboo” topic. Participants shared skills, experience and knowledge and felt ready to cascade the learning to their community members.

“The workshop changed my overview of ‘prevention’. My primary view was we cannot prevent suicide. But now, after the course, I feel I can help to “prevent” a person at risk of suicide.”


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