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BAME Parenting Course (2015)

MEMF, for the first time, delivered Parenting course for BAME parents in partnership with Rosetta Ufeli-Iormeanu of Esther Ministries Outreach, who is qualified in Psychology and Counselling studies, and a trained Child protection officer.

The pilot ran for 5 weeks, and parents from diverse communities benefitted as they discovered issues surrounding parenting were largely common, irrespective of race, religion and ethnicity.

The topics covered were:

  • Session 1: Building a Strong Family

  • Session 2: Meeting Our Children's Needs

  • Session 3: Setting Boundaries / The Law And Parenting

  • Session 4: Healthy Relationships

  • Session 5: Long Term Aim

Parents welcomed the opportunity of coming together every week, and able to talk freely about their issues and challenges in a non-judgemental setting.

Issues that mostly featured in the discussions were around bringing up their children in an environment culturally different to their country of origin, how to set boundaries, at the same time help them to integrate, and manage expectations. This enabled parents to develop parenting skills that are appropriate but also attuned to their children who are growing up in a different social and cultural environment to the one the parents have experienced. This was aimed at reducing levels of conflict in families but also at helping the second generation to negotiate their more complex identities, retaining their cultural identities but assimilating their new one, enabling the development of a greater sense of belonging and citizenship.

Our sincere thanks to Rosetta who gave up her time on weekends to deliver this course pro bono, for her meticulous planning and preparation of each session, and delivering them to its highest standard.


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